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             439 Route 46 East Rockaway, NJ 07866
NUMBER OF ARCHITECTS: PSA’s staff of 107 includes 23 architects licensed in New Jersey.
AREAS OF EXPERTISE IN REAL ESTATE: Modernization, Renovation and Redevelopment
of these existing structures, whether it is in the form of modernization, expansion or redevelopment.
DSV wanted to relocate its U.S. Corporate Headquarters to a new location that reflected its corporate values and provided it with needed expansion opportunities. Stephen Quick, AIA, Director of Design, and the PSA team worked with DSV to define its program and explore multiple locations for its relocation. The 200 Wood Ave. building in Iselin offered it the somewhat unique opportunity to keep its team all on one floor and provide the capacity, flexibility and amenities that DSV required. PSA collaborated with the DSV team to create a space and select finishes that reflected the clean and modern lines of the DSV corporate standard with
warm wood accents while leveraging the existing concrete waffle slab structure by exposing it in open plan areas and complementing it with linear lights and spiral ducting. An open, bright, inviting Team environment that facilitates the overall workflow of the company is the result.
DSV Headquarters, Iselin, NJ
    Parette Somjen Architects’ Principals and team (Principals, centered left to right): Marc R. Parette, AIA LEED ap; Gregory J. Somjen, AIA, CID
Our private-sector clients are varied, but often identify as
one of the following: Building Owners who are looking to redevelop or modernize aging or underperforming assets; Commercial Tenants who are looking to relocate, expand or modernize their space; Real Estate Service Companies or Real Estate Brokers who are helping clients modernize, expand
or relocate. In each case, our clients are interested in great- looking solutions that function well and can be economically built and maintained.
If you are considering modernizing, expanding or renovating a building, PSA is New Jersey’s preeminent architecture
firm. We complete over 300 projects annually and over
98% of those projects are renovation, modernization or redevelopment projects. Working with existing buildings often requires a higher level of detail and coordination as the tolerances are often much smaller and latent problems are more likely. Because our experience with existing buildings
is so extensive, the more complicated the project, the more value we bring to our clients. Our 35 years of experience and expertise with these types of projects is hard to match.
New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the Union, and we have an aging inventory of buildings. Traditional brick-and-mortar retail buildings are often being adapted
or repurposed and New Jersey continues to struggle with its inventory of older, suburban office buildings. As these and other buildings are modernized or reimagined, our growth will continue to come from serving the owners and tenants

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