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   MANAGING PARTNERS: David Weissman, Matt Schlindwein, David Greek and Brett Mercer
From Fortune 100 companies seeking complex, multi-dimensional construction to entrepreneurial small businesses seeking customized renovations, Greek Design Build provides a wide range of solutions for an even wider range of needs. We serve industrial owners, developers, buyers, sellers, tenants and occupiers. Leveraging in-house capabilities and a stacked bench of experienced professionals, we offer a hands-on approach throughout the lifecycle of your project. We tailor every facility to meet the needs of each client with our extensive built-to-suit experience.
Our team is adept at providing solutions that address companies’ current demands but also anticipate future needs — being pioneering as well as prescient in our decision-making and risk-taking after decades of successfully building industrial facilities. Since Greek is family-owned and -operated, we are small enough to provide personal support while also demonstrating expertise. Leverage our 89 years of knowledge so we can show you the highest-quality project delivery from start to finish.
What’s in the box? From tilt walls to pizzas this
1 Kimberly Road, Suite 105 East Brunswick, NJ 08816
AREAS OF EXPERTISE IN COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE CONSTRUCTION: Distribution, Cold Storage, Food Grade, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Process facilities.
project was very unique for the Greek Design Build team. After starting construction of a
typical speculative warehouse, the owner signed
a lease with an international corrugated box manufacturer. The high degree of specialization needed would send the project back into design after the foundations were poured. Greek’s in-house professionals were able to seamlessly integrate the tenant’s needs while maintaining the schedule and commencing the lease on time.
Greek prides itself on being an industrial construction specialist — thinking outside the box, while building the box — but this time, we built the box that builds the boxes! The 450,000 SF facility produces millions of pizza boxes daily and a significant volume for large e-commerce retailers that are likely showing up at your doorsteps daily.
Other notable features integrated into the facility included reinforced expanded joint floors, porous concrete exterior paving, a covered exterior rail platform to allow for efficient delivery of raw materials, and Class A office space serving as the tenant’s North American headquarters.
Greek Design Build provided the owner, tenant and municipality with a facility that they can all be proud of and one that will serve the community for decades to come. Next time you open the box don’t just think what’s inside!

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