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Year founded: 1982
Number of construction professionals involved in commercial real estate in New Jersey: 60
Areas of expertise in commercial
real estate construction: Commercial architectural design, engineering and contracting. Includes site feasibility, site plan approval, construction management.
Commercial, industrial, auto, institutional, mixed-use, clubs, life sciences.
REDCOM creates buildings that enhance our clients’ long-term success. We can take a project from concept to completion, offering a full range of services supported by a culture of tight collaboration.
REDCOM’s full in-house capabilities and collaborative processes enable us to take on complex construction projects.
An existing client of REDCOM’s was experiencing structural issues with an older but functional building. After a thorough investigation, REDCOM’s in-house engineers and architects determined that a large section of the building was sinking. Moreover, the 140,000SF building was occupied by tenants that had to vacate.
Once the building was empty, REDCOM’s in-house professionals began to develop a solution that would be cost-effective, quick and lasting. The team proposed several different solutions to correct the structural failure. Ultimately, REDCOM installed 450 to 500 helical piles 48’ to 50’ into the ground. REDCOM selected the helical pile since it comes in sections and can be used inside of an existing building where height and building constraints come into play. Once the solution was identified, the installation process took less than three months to complete and the building owner was able to seek tenants.

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