Newly built, 629-unit Jersey City rental property leases up in six months

A developer has leased up nearly 630 units at a new luxury apartment building in Jersey City’s West Side neighborhood, achieving the milestone in less than six months.

Café opens at new 629-unit luxury apartment complex in Jersey City

A new coffee shop has opened its doors at the base of a new 629-unit apartment building in Jersey City’s fast-growing West Side neighborhood.

Developer of 629-unit Jersey City rental property lands $160 million perm loan

The developer of more than 600 new apartments in Jersey City’s West Side neighborhood has refinanced the property for $160 million, in a transaction arranged by Progress Capital.

Developer of new Jersey City rental building leases 300 units in three months

Renters have leased nearly half of a new 629-unit luxury apartment building in Jersey City, in a sign of growing demand in the municipality’s lesser-known West Side neighborhood.

Jersey City developer lands $120 million in debt, equity for 631-unit project, Progress Capital says

The developer of a 631-unit apartment building in Jersey City has secured $84 million in construction financing and $36 million in equity, Progress Capital announced Friday.

Developer details plans for 598-unit Jersey City rental project

A development group is moving forward with plans to build nearly 600 luxury apartments on Jersey City’s west side, following its purchase last month of a shuttered manufacturing complex.

Mixed-use project slated for ex-manufacturing site in Jersey City

A development group has paid $17 million to acquire a former manufacturing site in Jersey City, where it’s now planning a mixed-use residential and retail project.