From the publisher: Homework for you to do on our economy

Below is a link to an article by David Berson, Ph.D., of Cumberland Advisors regarding the country’s current economic status and an analysis of whether we will fall into a recession. In my opinion, it is exceptionally well written and accurate. More importantly, Berson does not fall into the usual trap that most commentators are susceptible to of only presenting data that substantiates their position. He covers the field and presents both sides of the argument without really sticking his flag in either mound.

You can’t make it up: Newark’s thinly veiled rent control law is reckless (and illegal)

Newark Mayor Ras Baraka must have snuck into our recent seminar — The Newark Redevelopment Update — and heard the buzz about this proposed resolution because it appears he ran out and got it enacted into law immediately. What is so silly about his maneuver is the fact that it is clearly illegal and will be more than likely overturned rather quickly. So why pass such a resolution in the first place?