Editor’s Note

Hear directly from Editor Joshua Burd as he brings you the highlights of this month’s issue of Real Estate NJ and his observations from recent interviews.

Editor’s note: Looking to the future

Real estate is in transition in virtually every other market across the country. But there are forces at play that are distinct to New Jersey or at least especially pronounced here, from e-commerce and the apartment boom to the need to reinvent the suburban office park. And we’ve sought to highlight those trends every day and every month, while explaining how those forces impact pricing, public policy and technology. You can expect nothing less in our January issue and in our special Market Forecast section, which features thoughtful, well-informed predictions from some of the top developers, professionals and other experts in the field.

Coming soon: Industry Roundups from Real Estate NJ

In the days and weeks ahead, we will introduce a new addition to Real Estate NJ aimed at zeroing in on the major asset classes and service sectors in the Garden State. Known as Industry Roundups, the new e-blasts will highlight the top headlines and stories in each field, giving you a chance to catch up on all the latest news in a way that’s tailored to a specific part of the industry.

Editor’s note: After a busy year, a look at what’s to come

Ask anybody in the real estate business and they’ll most likely agree: Being busy is a good thing. We couldn’t agree more as a publication that covers this industry and thrives on all of the deal making, construction activity and other bits of news that help us bring you a monthly magazine and a daily newsletter. The market has been so busy that I’m not quite sure where the time has gone, yet here we are as we prepare to close out the first year of Real Estate NJ.

Editor’s note: The story that keeps on giving

The Amazon story is now more than four years old in New Jersey, at least when it comes to our industrial market, yet we can’t seem to stop talking about it. It only makes sense. The tech giant has added…

Highlighting new trends and success stories in architecture and engineering

In our October issue, we highlight the work of architects and engineers, whose role in this process is as important as any other group of professionals. They’re among the first calls that a developer will make and can play a key role in helping a project overcome challenges along the way.

A new frontier in commercial real estate

For our latest cover story, we spoke to executives behind what are perhaps the two biggest examples New Jersey developers seeking to tap into the sharing economy. In Jersey City, the joint venture behind a new 69-story apartment tower has partnered with Airbnb via the home-sharing giant’s new Friendly Buildings Program. The other developer, Capodagli Property Co., is nearly a year into a partnership with Uber, in which it provides new lease signers with credit to put toward trips through the ride-hailing app.

A growth area in the making?

We set out this month to look at the role of technology companies in New Jersey’s office market. The tech sector certainly isn’t the dominant industry in the state’s economy, but it has provided a rare source of job growth in the last few years that has resulted in new office requirements. We’ve seen companies such as Audible, iCIMS and Jet.com lease space in New Jersey thanks to both state incentives and the type of organic growth that landlords would love to see continue.

Taking the long view

Most regular readers of this publication can tell that, when it comes to new construction, mixed-use and multifamily projects are the ones making most of the headlines. In fact, there are so many projects in New Jersey these days that we don’t often get to spend much time covering them in depth before we have to move on to the next groundbreaking or ribbon-cutting.

Seeing the upside in Atlantic City

I’ve always loved the type of story that gets my blood pumping. It catches your eye, makes you drop what you’re doing and gets you excited to think about breaking the news to your readers. Those stories are not so…

Editor’s note: A new kind of New Jersey real estate

As you might imagine, I’m usually the one asking the questions when it comes to commercial real estate. But occasionally people will flip the script and ask me what I’m seeing in the market. My response is almost never about…