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March Associates

When selecting March as your Construction Manager, you are getting a true partner. President Lou March is involved in each real estate development project. We work closely with our clients and team to ensure we deliver the highest-quality product. Good communication and detailed planning are critical to our success.

Deugen Development

Deugen is a family-owned business and our clients ALWAYS have access to Ownership. Frank and Eric Gormeley are extremely hands-on with each and every project that the firm takes on and it is this level of personal experience we promise to our partners and clients. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and maintaining their trust through exceptional customer service, integrity and dedication from every member of the construction team.

Greek Development

We are both developers and landlords, born and bred in the state of New Jersey, one of the toughest markets in the U.S. We have successfully managed to do business here for over 80 years, and plan to continue to do business here for the years to come. From large-scale construction projects to leasehold improvements, the GREEK team offers comprehensive turnkey services, from in-house design to construction management. We strategically and uniquely structure our team on each project to ensure client satisfaction. Whether it is due to an aggressive schedule, familiarity with township officials and regulations, environmental issues, specific structural needs or any other unique circumstance, GREEK’s Construction team is equipped with top-level talent to complete the project on time and under budget.

Del-Sano Contracting Corp.

Del-Sano Contracting Corp will present with speed and precision to “Our” Owner, Developer and Design team a broad and proven knowledge, replete with technical skill from Site Improvement to Building Construction. Del-Sano will present our team of seasoned professionals and bright young engineering talent that will deliver constructability, pre-construction and building expertise “seamlessly” across the spectrum of Commercial building construction types and programs.

GTL Construction

GTL Construction is a full-service general contracting and construction management company with offices in White Plains, New York and Cedar Knolls, New Jersey. With a staff of 45+ employees and growing, GTL has been successfully completing commercial construction projects for clients throughout the New York metropolitan area for over 20 years.

Montana Construction Inc.

Montana Construction has worked in the oldest cities and towns in the tri-state area and have seen all types of underground conditions and scenarios. We can approach these different scenarios given our diverse infrastructure experience. Sometimes the best plan may need to change once the problem underground is uncovered. We are always fully equipped for 24/7 emergency services and have performed emergency repairs for some of the largest cities in New Jersey. Montana Construction supports local organizations and businesses and is a proud member of multiple industry associations.

Defending against the rise of cyberattacks in real estate

The real estate industry has become a growing target for cyberattacks. Real estate transactions require valuable and sensitive information, including personal and financial details for buyers, sellers and real estate organizations.

Navigating a challenging market with Meridian’s Russ Drebin

Up until the last few months, this year was great. Rates were relatively low, and I was proactively advising clients to take advantage of the market while it was tame. However, since the market has taken a turn, it has been even more important to advise clients in a way that is transparent and focused on their specific goals. Knowing your client and knowing what their goals are will allow you to help them during a time when the market is great, and conversely at times when the market is not so great.

U.S. Title Solutions

Backed by the strength of our underwriters and our experience in closing projects of up to $1 billion, U.S. Title Solutions has the ability to handle the toughest of challenges that a commercial real estate transaction can present. We consider ourselves stakeholders in the projects we undertake. We are known for thinking “outside the box” and are committed to finding solutions that keep the deal on track and minimize unnecessary costs. We do not chase volume, but rather we seek projects from well-established real estate investors and developers who can appreciate our level of expertise and service. Our goal is not to get one deal out the door in order to finish the next one. Our goal is direct attention, careful execution and results. We know that title insurance is not the most pressing issue in any transaction. Our mission is to prevent it from becoming an obstacle to a project’s completion.

Fidelity National Title Insurance Company

As your partner in all commercial real estate transactions within New Jersey and all 50 states, our team of professionals offer the best-in-class services in title, escrow, closing and post-closing, electronic document delivery and recording, tax-deferred property exchanges, UCC insurance and more. We deliver peace of mind while building lifelong relationships.