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How to survive the commercial real estate industry in 2024

All of the industry conferences and panels I’ve attended over the last several months have one thing in common — in each, someone has uttered the phrase “Survive to ’25” or the Bee Gees variant “Stayin’ alive till ’25,” either seriously or perfunctorily, as nearly everyone in the commercial real estate market knows that 2024 is going to be a rocky year. Why? Each of the players in the venerable trifecta of tenant, landlord and lender is having problems of their own.

Green revolving funds: Financing your next sustainability project

In an era characterized by increasing environmental concerns and the urgent need for sustainable practices, organizations across the globe are seeking innovative ways to reduce their ecological footprint. Green Revolving Funds (GRFs) have emerged as a powerful financial tool that not only helps businesses and institutions reduce greenhouse emissions but also promotes long-term sustainability and financial savings.

Chiesa Shahinian & Giantomasi PC

Delivering insight on matters beyond simply the prosecution of a tax appeal, the CSG Law Real Property Taxation & Incentives Group brings a deep, technical understanding of real estate valuation principles needed to aid property owners, municipal leaders and real estate developers in gaining a clear view of the “bigger picture.” Our fully integrated practice — with core capabilities in property taxation, non-residential development fee and mansion tax projections, local tax abatements, exemptions, development tax incentives offered by the state and tax appeals — is steeped in all aspects of property valuation that are essential in answering the question of how much a parcel of real estate should be taxed.

Connell Foley LLP

With an unparalleled understanding of the New Jersey real estate market, Connell Foley’s team of lawyers boasts extensive knowledge and experience. Our top priority is to maximize the value of our clients’ real estate assets. This is achieved through negotiating abatement or exemption agreements, pursuing appeals of local tax assessments and defending reverse appeals by municipalities. Additionally, we keep our clients informed of all local tax considerations related to their investments and development projects.

Skoloff & Wolfe PC

The Skoloff & Wolfe P.C. property tax department is steeped in decades of experience in property tax law. We are regularly sought after for the success that we have achieved reducing the property tax liability, and increasing the value of the real estate, for corporations, large property owners, institutions and developers.

Carlin, Ward, Ash & Heiart LLC

From international REITs to New Jersey developers and family businesses, Carlin, Ward, Ash & Heiart LLC clients all have one thing in common: They face a challenge impacting the value of real estate, requiring our advocacy, creativity and expertise in legal matters to achieve a desired outcome.


Our strategy as an accounting firm is to always meet the needs of our clients. Over the last decade or so we have expanded to many different services. One of those services is the creation of the WISS Family office. Our clients’ family dynamic and operations of such is more overwhelming than running the business itself. In most cases our clients do not have the administrative resources or time to focus on the financial needs of the family. We have had many success stories across many different clients in the real estate area and eased these burdens.


Withum’s real estate client base consists of entrepreneurial, growth-oriented owners and developers maintaining portfolios of varying sizes in the commercial, industrial and residential markets. We serve brokers and property managers who are integral to the real estate industry, working alongside our owners and developers every day. We also work with funds and private equity groups in the real estate space, allowing us to fully serve all aspects of the industry.


Anchin’s comprehensive suite of specialty advisory services provides business owners with on-demand resources to grow a more efficient, resilient and profitable operation. While many clients already rely on us for tax and compliance work, our broad business expertise can add value to every aspect of your real estate business to improve processes and your bottom line, while establishing a strong foundation for long-term success. From restructuring real estate transactions to developing strategic plans to maximize stakeholder value and providing guidance on estate and succession planning, Anchin’s Real Estate group has been unwavering in our dedication to providing specialized services that are uniquely tailored to the real estate industry.


Aprio represents developers, operators and investors in real estate in the industrial, office, retail and hotel sectors. We also serve entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals and privately held companies in various industries, with a significant focus on the real estate sector. Our extensive team of professionals, with a wide variety of experience, are well equipped to handle any real estate transaction and exceed your expectations.